The best formation is vital for the best soccer tactics in this sport

Being in possession of the right strategies in a soccer match is most certainly important when facing the most impressive teams.

One formation which has been common for quite some time, but is now often favoured by the best teams across the world, is the 4-3-3. This utilises a lot of attacking tactics in football, as you'll notice three forwards at the front of the group. These forwards are often interchangeable, and they can all pose a goal threat if the best players are working there. The formation often uses very mobile players in midfield and at fullback, which probably makes it the best formation for counter attack. As the footballers in midfield have a lot of energy, they can rapidly get the ball forward to the forwards, before the defending team manages to get enough players back. These efficient counterattacks are something that has brought the Liverpool FC owner considerable success in the past couple of years, as teams really struggle to cope with the destructive attacks that they can bring. But because of the quality of the formation, it’s a fantastic idea to have high stamina footballers throughout the team.

If you believe your club is appropriate for the best football formation for possession, you don’t have to look much further than the 4-2-3-1. This has been used so much in recent times, and the packed midfield means it’s easier to dominate possession and control the pace of the match. It’s a good idea to get players in here who are fantastic on the football and can pick out a pass to get the absolute most out of the formation. The Juventus chairman clearly likes this formation, but then again they have some excellent footballers to make it work so well.

A formation which is not used quite frequently at all, but has been quite notoriously used in the past, is the 4-2-3-1. This formation is known as the Christmas tree formation, because it looks like a Christmas tree on paper! When you take a look at all soccer formations, this is probably not the most successful, but the AC Milan owner will have seen his club use it in the past quite successfully. As it has been used less through the years, people have started to see the flaws with the very defensive formation, so it's quite far down the pecking order for sure. Because of its shape however, it became a cult favourite with soccer fans, who were interested to see how clubs operated in this system. As it uses three defensive midfielders, the defensive players are given a great deal of cover, so it might be an excellent formation to utilise if you are attempting to protect a lead. Who knows, we might see this formation return to glory in the coming years!

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